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Twenty species of resident and common migrant butterflies have been recorded in the Newbiggin area of the thirty species regularly recorded in the North East of England. “Nothing too major but a few nice records”.

A Small Tortoiseshell
by Hector Galley

A wide range of common butterflies can be encountered due to the variety of habitats and the wildflowers found amongst them.

The records are of free flying adult butterflies and the flight period differs markedly between species. For example, Red Admirals can be seen most months of the year while you will be lucky to see one of the Skippers outside of June, July, and August.

Butterflies will be encountered across most sites including the golf course, The Mound and the Ash lagoon Banks are particularly good. Migrants can occur anywhere on the coastal sites coming in off the sea!

Records include:


Small Skipper
Thymelicus sylvestris

Aphantopus hyperantus

Large Skipper
Ochlodes Sylvanus

Meadow Brown
Maniola jurtina

Anthocharis cardamines

Red Admiral
Vanessa atalanta

Large White

Painted Lady
Vanessa cardui

Small White
Pieris rapae

Aglais io

Green-veined White
Pieris napi

Small Tortoiseshell
Aglais urticae

Clouded Yellow Colias

Polygonia c-album

Lasiommata megera

Small Copper
Lycaena phlaeas

Speckled Wood
Parageaegeria aegeria

Common Blue
Polyommatus Icarus

Dark Green Fritillary
Argynnis aglaja

Hipparchia semele

A Peacock
by Hector Galley

Butterfly numbers are often under-recorded and historical records are generated by a small number of keen enthusiasts. Visitors to Newbiggin are encouraged to
submit casual sightings on the “recent sightings” page of the Butterfly Conservation-North East
England Branch

A Comma
by Paul Buskin

A  high priority species for butterfly conservation in the North East but not recorded at Newbiggin is: Dingy Skipper. Sightings would be welcomed.

A Small Skipper
by Hector Galley